Resilience Web Newsletter - Spring 2023

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New Look for the Resilience Web

We have been busy making many improvements to our interface and loading times! The homepage now better features the 4 local webs that we’ve established, and has space for more. We’ve also improved the individual pages, so that tags and search are now easier to use. Thanks to Clara for the designs and Diner for the implementation!

Check out our new look!

New Webs

Speaking of expansion, the Resilience Web continues to grow, with plans to add Norwich and our first international city, Cork. Thanks very much to The Tipping Point and the London Doughnut for their help in connecting us to local folks who are gathering data for these webs.

Adding a page to the Resilience Web

If you would like to add your group or organisation to the web, please navigate to the relevant web and click the Propose new listing button on the left sidebar.

Updating information on the web

We don't control the information displayed, the community does! If you want to join and maintain the listings, or if you want to claim your own organisation's listing and update it, message us via the Get in touch button on the homepage.

Open Collective

The resilience web exists to connect groups and organisations working for place based community action. We hope you consider the Resilience Web useful for your work and purpose? If so, please consider giving us a £1-5 recurring donation (larger donations very welcome!) over at Open Collective to help us maintain and grow the website.

Even a small donation is a help towards our running costs, and also it’s a huge help in securing larger grants. Help us meet our goal to bring the Resilience Web infrastructure to other communities around the world.

Contact us directly with questions or feedback

We are always happy to hear your feedback about the site, and we are especially interested in hearing how we can make it more useful for you. Please email us at with suggestions or questions.

If email isn’t the best way for you to talk to us, you can also book a 30 min call with Diner Ismail, our web developer, who would love to chat with you.

Discord community

We have a Discord where we are starting to build a community linking local groups and organisations. Join the discord

Best wishes and hope for a brighter, more connected future,

Helen and the Resilience Web team

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