Platform Updates - December 2023

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We've been busy in the last few months, adding many new features to the Resilience Web platform, which continues to be free to use for everyone.

Propose listing feature 📝

Any website visitor can now propose adding a new listing to an existing web. It's impossible for web maintainers to know of every single organisation and community group out there - and that's why we decided to let anyone suggest a new listing, while still leaving it up to maintainers to approve or reject the proposal. We will continue to improve this feature in the coming weeks, so please let us know of any feedback you may have for us via the Get in touch button at the top.

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Web creation on signup ✨

Any newly registered user can now create a new resilience web for their location! 🥳 So far creating a new web was a manual step and caused quite a bit of confusion, so it's an important step towards wider use.

If you're reading this and you're from somewhere other than Cambridge, York or Durham, why not create a web for your area? It's free and we can offer you support along the way. All we'd like in exchange is some feedback. Head to to get started.

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Simplified team page

We received some feedback that the team page and permissions were a bit difficult to understand, which we agreed with so that has now been simplified and streamlined.

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Additionally, we've worked on lots of small user interface improvements, improved performance and added some helpful guidance info throughout.

We rely on your support

If you're able, please donate via our Open Collective to keep the project alive. We'd also love to hear any feedback or ideas you may have. Our main goal is to provide a platform that connects people who are working to make the world a better place. If you have any ideas that would help us move towards that end goal, please get in touch.

Until next time 👋

With love and hope for a better future,

Diner and the Resilience Web team

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